The role of science & art in deliberating theological method

A responsible theologian should give due attention to science and art in order to highlight two factors that rightly contributes to the formulation of levelheaded and empathic theological answers to questions that people are facing now.

Science lays the groundwork of situating the Biblical text in its proper context as well as in providing a systematic methodology of interpretation given the many factors that contribute to the development of Scripture and its interpretations in history.

While the focus on art is equally important as Scripture itself is a literary art form that is produced by people who used different literary styles that can be classified according to genre in giving language to their understanding of experiences and encounters with the divine because art is a creative response to particular life settings.

Thus science answers the question of methodology and objectivity in theologizing while art responds to the need for empathic appreciation and examination of the dynamic response of people in their plight and journey to discern God’s will and purpose.

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