Congratulations Pastor Lito

I can still fondly remember meeting Pastor Lito, in my early teens when he became my councillor in one of Grace Bible Church's youth camps. Looking back now, I cannot begin to say how blessed I am to have Pastor Lito, as a mentor and friend in my many years as a Christian.

His personal journey of faith for me is always a constant call for a theology that offers honest answers which ring true within the innermost recesses of the heart, mind and soul. He was among those who first encouraged me to pursue further theological education at the Asian Theological Seminary.

Lastly, his life and ministry is an example of theological resilience and pastoral integrity that affirms the centrality of Scripture while at the same time recognizes the need for contextualization. Hearing, the great news of his completion of his MDiv in Pastoral Studies is a blessing that I count as a friend who will always be thankful for his guidance and friendship.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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