Recovering lost youth

“Doesn’t the movie The Terminator have the same thematic narrative premise as The X-Men’s Days of the Future Past storyline? “

I thought to myself as I tried to lull myself to sleep to the tune of Ok Reblora's Dead Meat...

...there must be something narcotic about watching great gigs that I always find myself unable to sleep long after I’ve already tucked myself to bed. This is not an alien feeling for me as I’ve always found myself in such a situation for years especially when I was younger but as years and life takes its toll that intoxicating feeling of elation after gigs waned and at times even disappeared, but after watching great bands like Legarda, Walk Me Home, The Beauty of Doubt among others; and meeting incredible people earlier today at Lakefest, I have come to subscribe myself to the conclusion that: there’s something enchanting about the Seven Lakes Scene.

It could be the pleasant climate and the overall positive vibe that I feel whenever I get the breathtaking opportunity to interact and participate in the mind-blowing activities of the local scene there.

Lakefest, counts as one of those rare times when youth (or in my case wasted youth) is recovered in a night of music, conversation and the amorous motif of road trips.

Many thanks to the brilliant crew of Karl, Aldrin, Josh and Nina whose companionship in the trip were indispensable as well as to the warm welcome of the Seven Lakes crowd who have always welcomed me into their community.

Thank you, for making last Saturday a memorable one.

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