Osama may be dead...

...but still the terrorists have still won

He may be dead but still majority of us refuse to acknowledge this as true since we find no body. All the images in the web are Photoshoped pictures.

He may be dead but in that same day of the US government's announcement of Osama's death they raised their terror alert to protect Americans who might become target to retaliation from pro-Osama Bin Laden factions

He may be dead but I still get my stuff searched, I still remove my shoes at the airport; security guards in 711 still carry shotguns and I still get frisked and get my ass pinched by security guards whenever I enter a public building.

He may be dead but there is still no end in sight for USA's aggressive war against terrorism

He may be dead and the people chanting “USA USA” in Washington DC are eerily reminiscent of the celebrations on the streets of Palestine after the attack on the twin towers.

He may be dead but to the many who’ve suffered under USA’s oppressive foreign policies Osama now stands as a symbol of their aspiration against imperialism that masquerades itself in concepts like, freedom, democracy and economic prosperity.

He may be dead and justice at times may require the death of evil men, but it never requires our joy at their passing.

He may be dead but our lives are forever changed, scarred and captured by the spectre of terror that was sown by our fear of not being in control in the first place.

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