I turned 30 @ 30

People celebrate birthdays as milestones of their lives.
I can't say that I'm in such a jubilant mood.
But still as a good friend said a couple of days ago
"Birthdays are worth celebrating because God gave us another year"
Perhaps that's enough good reason to be glad and thankful
That I am alive and well and able to ask questions and feel what I am feeling now.
Happy birthday to me.

Of digital hatemongers and false humility

In terms of how the video was executed it is done flawlessly, not to mention puts forward an alternative to what history tells us.

However, its claims of the two truths that the media is not telling us are also at best half-truths that paint someone like Marcos as a selfless icon of progress. The experience of totalitarian regimes and the systems implemented by folks of the same vein would tell us that if only buildings delineate the hearts and minds of people but progress cannot be merely defined in terms of infrastructure and administration of systems it involves more than that.

We are an ocean

Five Years Ago Today...

...I was sitting among journalists listening to Von Hernandez, (who was then Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Campaign Director) as he calls on the Department of Environment & Natural Resources to uphold Bastes Commission recommendations on the fish kill that happened in Rapu-Rapu, Albay due to a cyanide spill from the Lafayette mine.