John Stott (1921-2011)

Last Thursday I was greeted by the tragic news that the Reverend John R.W. Stott, has already gone home to be with the Lord. Early this morning I wrote what's below on his memorial website's Remembrance Book:

I have never met him personally. I only knew him through his books, that I first encountered after my long departure from the Evangelical church of my youth. Reading his works challenged me to take serious note of the radical and holistic thrust of the Gospel of Christ. His passion for authenticity of thought and action that was motivated by his fidelity to the Scriptures was among the many factors that brought me to environmental activism and what also got me into taking up a master's degree in theology. I may not have known him in person, but thank God that he was blessed with eloquence that made his faith both a challenge and an inspiration for a sojourner like me in the Philippines. God bless you Rev. Stott.

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