MCC as a necessary intentional community

The Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) has gotten a lot of flack recently from both theologically conservative wings of the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Protestant Churches for administering same-sex mass wedding last June 25 in Baguio City.

As an Evangelical Christian, I still have a lot of questions about the theology and praxis of how Evangelical Christianity ought to conduct itself with regards to the reality of homosexuality.

But while that struggle to consolidate an Evangelical and Biblical response wages, I believe Christ calls us to love people and that includes those that we deem unlovable and for many Christians those unlovable are given faces by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

Like the Good Samaritan in the parables of Jesus we are called to unconditionally and genuinely nurture them in ways that at times may come as an inconvenience to us. In an ideal world LGBT Christians should be part of a local church congregation where they can interact, fellowship and ultimately worship alongside heterosexuals and families of people that transcend age, class and gender.

Sadly that is not the case, mainstream Christianity has still yet to accept this reality of homosexuality and the inconvenient call to love those in the LGBT community. This is when communities like the MCC become a necessity for LGBT Christians as churches fail to respond in providing them that community where they can worship God. Hence, the existence of MCC testifies to our collective guilt of failing to love of our failure to not make distinctions between people whom God alone can judge.

This is a challenge that besets us now as we live in an age where in spite of the recent strides in technology and medicine we still have yet to cure one the greatest disease of them all that is –homophobia.

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