Learning to 'mind the gap'

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to have been invited to teach a Sunday School class on New Testament history and in the process of preparing the material I was constantly confronted with the nagging question of why would we need spend time and energy bridging the historical and cultural gaps between the modern world and the world of the New Testament era?

As of now I am still struggling with this question and below are some insights that I shared while giving the introduction to the lesson, to which I think the phrase: ‘mind the gap’ fittingly exemplifies.

Of flash mobs, Christology and the church

Watching this video somehow struck a chord. 

Especially, since last Sunday I broke my months of absence at church. Months ago I've somehow lost interest in attending worship services, because I feel as though like I've just been spending years of my life going through the motions of standing up, sitting down; reading the Bible; singing long praise songs that repeats the words Jesus" and "me" to the point of abuse; and sitting for an hour to listen to unchallenging messages and reading bullet points flashed in a multimedia projector.