2000 years ago something happened...

2000 years ago there were young lovers.
They were minding their own business, when in the mediocrity of their lives something happened: 

It arrived...unexpectedly...

It was strange, and altogether life changing, but nevertheless they looked at it as a gift from the Divine.

It was welcomed with meaning, uncertainty and faith.

Little did they know that altogether this something that happened, this gift, this baby would in turn become this Palestinian Jew who would in both words and actions announce that the Kingdom of God has arrived.  

This man would reveal God to us as the one whom we can call "Father". Ultimately this something would be 'God with us' and in turn would "give himself for us" because he loves us.

This something came unexpectedly and there's a lesson to be learned in welcoming unexpected because it is in the unexpected that the obvious is seen and felt. It is there that God works and there that God meets us in love.

Gloria in excelsis deo.

Christmas: A rant

Let me say it clear: I do not want to abolish Christmas; I am just frustrated with the beast that it has become in recent years.

I hate the way Christmas turns people into proactive gift recipients who expect people to give them presents. Newsflash, the idea of a gift is that it is given because those who want to 'give' so freely chosen to render gifts it cannot be the other way around.

I hate the way taxi drivers see it as a license to overcharge, choose passengers whine and make you feel that you should give them an extra on top of their meter rate.