last day: re-orienting our loyalties

Today ends the retreat with a personal question: “What does Greenpeace Southeast Asia mean to you?”

To me Greenpeace Southeast Asia is everyone who has made a commitment to act upon the invitations we’ve offered them to act upon the issues that we’re working on. They are our volunteers, donors, supporters, partner organizations. Communities, Facebook fans, Twitter followers and email subscribers. They are the ones who are not here, but have done so much more (to the point of risking life, limb and liberty) than those of us who have become privileged with the opportunity of becoming a paid staff of the organization.

As the session ended I went public in committing myself to everyone there that I would do my best to stay true in being on the side of those who’ve given more than many of us has ever done in our professional engagement with Greenpeace.

Here’s to the many who are not paid.

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