This Is The Second Day That I Am Living My Life As A 24 Year Old

I don't know really why, but as of this moment I don't feel that old to say the least I mean just yesterday I celebrated my birthday with Jeanie, as well as with my family and my buddy Laix and I must admit that the idea that I have been celebrating my 24th year of existence here on this tiny blue planet called Earth has made me realize that I am really that old. And that I am already way on my way to becoming 30 years old and so on, and as strange as it may sound I still somewhat feel that the day that I started out in high school very much still seemed like just a few ago and the day that I graduated from college seemed like yesterday and that don't feel that old at all though that may be a problem especially for those of you who are among the dogmatic crowd that says I ought to act my age and that the way I am living my life right now does not reflect my age as well as in the way that I dress or view the aspect of life in itself, I mean I still dress the way that I dress when I was still in college I still pretty much sport that sort-of 'punk' look which have been somewhat bastardized nowadays no thanks to Simple Plan, NFG and all those lousy New School Punks on Drive-Thru Records. I still adhere to the DIY ethic whereupon I live a life that is opposed to the norm that is dictated by the capitalist powers that be which is one of the reasons why after two years of living in the corporate world and at the same time becoming a part of its free trade mechanism I have still continued to presserve myself from being assimilated into the irrelevant oblivion of the yuppie culture that sorrounds me. And that is why I guess a lot of people are continually trying to drive their nail of 'you ought to act your age' into my thick skull. After all I still don't like to hear pop music, even if its what I hear all day here in the office, I still don't dress the way that the yuppie scums do though I wear the tie and coat but I can still manage to stand out by me constant refusal of wearing the torturous leather shoes that they all wear and instead show favor to my trusty sneakers and skate shoes. I still buy my clothes in second hand shops in Cubao, and I still haven't entered a disco even a beer house nor a pub. So if people would be basing the acting of one's age to those abouve said standards wouldn't it make sense that those are the exact reasons why our country is so down on the drain right now we are all under the spectacle of hedonistic self-gratifications and corporate market values as dictated by the mainstream media? We have all ceased the idea of youthfull innocence and replaced it with a misguided value system of merely trying to compensate ourselves with the notion that we control our lives and we can live it as much as we want to at the expense of defining it as maturity. But if we'd look at it closely we are no less than mere victims of the powers that are making us live our lives to be merely drifting to any tide of fashion, lifestyle, culture and the like. And right now as I look at the event that transpired in my birthday yesterday I find it no coincidence that God allowed me to obtain two such meaningful Christian books C.S. Lewis', The Great Divorce and Paul E. Little's, Know What You Believe, which as I belive are two great doctrinal books that could help us in assessing how we are living our lives right now in a manner that is more profound than Rick Warren's Purpose Driven since the two books are more grounded in the aspect of Biblical Scriptures which is basically the only revolutionary book that has ever been in existence and since those two books speaks more on doctrine rather than appeal to our emotions, and since this country is a nation that boasts of its identity as a Christian nation I guess these two books are worthy of our attention because it appeals to the Christian side in everyone of us who seeks to affirm what we profess to believe in but also to question the way we live our lives at the present. And if you ask me now that is a sign of maturity, so I guess those two books would be of greatest relevance now that I am starting out on living my life that's worth of my age.

What the????

I took this online quiz just now and this is what I got...

Which internet subculture do I belong to? [CLICK]
You are a Conspiracy Theorist!
Holy cow! You actually did an online quiz? Little did you realise that the information you gave us is being sent to an unknown government agency for evil use against you! Don't try to leave, we are already watching.
More Quizzes at

New Graphics?

By now all you regular visitors of this site have already seen the new look of thist site, as well as in the changes over at Pinay Blood Rush.

And right now I'd just like to share to you the recent changes in this site as well as in Pinay Blood Rush as opposed to its old appearance well anyways there's nothing special about this really but I just want to show you the looks of the graphics that I've created for these two sites courtesy of the collective interaction of MS Word, MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop and ACDSee.

Anyways I hope this would be of value.

Here's the graphics that I've recently uploaded to Pinay Blood Rush

Just click on the image to see the whole picture.

The Logo

The Background

While here are the stuff that I've changed here at m35b

The Logo

This site started out with the basic Blog template that I used but within a span

of a few weeks I decided to personalize it.

And from there on I came up with a logo that at first looked like this:

But just yesterday I decided to turn it into something like this:

While for the background I customized it with a background that looks like this: And later on I changed it into something like this:

Anyways there's really nothing that special with these stuff but I don hope that you've found this post of value.


What on Earth is M35B Anyway?

M35B has been around for quite a while now and I am not sure how many of you are wondering what it is about.

For starters it is an address, you see this is the address of our house down on Teacher's Village where I experienced many of the fondest moments in my life, it is Malingap Street, 35-B the place where I grew up and shared my life with the people I grew up with. Where I have seen my brothers one by one leave the house to part ways and establish families of their own. Where I played with my nephew, (Gato and now Arno, Ciro, Gabriel, Julian and Linus), my niece Lea Grace, my dog (Odie) and occasionally my cousins, (Kuya Joey and Ate Yayi.) The place where in the idea of forming a band came into order, when I first learned my first chord progression of guitar chords. Where I've had countless conversations about anything and everything with my father. Where spent the afternoon with my mother picking fleas from our dog's infested back. When I first received that life-changing phone from Jeanie and most importantly where I prayed to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

M35B is also a relic, in the sense that it is merely a venue for the comings and goings of events that have in their own way contributed to the person that I am today. And to think that there are people in my family who are quietly scheming to sell this 'priceless' relic for money makes me shudder enough to write these lines from The Little Prince, all over my room:

"Whether it's a house, the stars or the dessert; what makes their beauty is invisible."

As a silent sign of protest to what might happen to such a rich treasure of memories that could only be found here in the heart of M35B. And that this blog was subliminally birthed out of the fact that the beautiful blue apartment in front of our house is has now been demolished and that it is my perpetual wish to spend my dying days in this richly laden box of joys and pains.

Another is that it is a band aptly called M35B which was basically the name thought off since it is the greatest common denominator for the music that I have come to play with Laixander Naguit, Cedric Buenviaje and Jarme Mondragon. It is the band that was to play the soundtrack of our lives and the anthem of our anxieties during our phase nihilistic teenage rebellion.

And lastly M35B is about me manifesting my hopes struggles and victories in this miniscule space in the World Wide Web, screaming at the nothingness and pondering the meaning of life in light of Biblical scripture, practical experiences, and cultural preferences.

It is my personal Book of Eccleciastes where I would start out with the pondering of the meaningless of it all and where I would end it with the exhortation to, "remember our Creator in the days of our youth." So as to voice out a positive statement to live our lives fully in light of God's grace and gift of salvation but also of encouragement to make something out of our lives while we still can because truly life is for us to live.

So if I were to ask you what M35B means to you I guess you'd better hasten my tongue and ask yourself whether you still find time to look into your own personal M35B.

Dead Muse?

Every musician has his or her muse and most of them would give us the safest and obvious ones like: Mariah, Micheal Jackson, John Williams etc. Or if ever you'd be asked to name a late singer, musician that has affected your music most answers would be bordering over the so-called norm like: Frank Sinatra, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Fredy Mercury etc.

But if I were to be asked I'd have to say: Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone, Joe Strummer, Darby Crash and Dee Dee Ramone. These people serve as a great inspiration to me with their cool nihilistic outlook towards music.

And for the benefit of those who are not so familiar with them yet try to check this out:

Sid Vicious

John Simon Ritchie (May 10, 1957 - February 2, 1979), better known as Sid Vicious, was an English punk rock musician and member of the Sex Pistols. He died from a drug overdose at the age of 21.

Vicious, whose stage name was allegedly named after his friend John Lydon's (aka Johny Rotten) pet hamster, was born in London. During his early years he moved with his mother to the Spanish island of Ibiza where she made a living from selling drugs, although they later moved back and again settled in London. The nickname was also important because his group of friends, including Johnny Rotten, were mostly named John and because of his often vicious personality.

Vicious was initially part of the Bromley Contingent, the group of followers and fans of the Sex Pistols that consituted the fashion avant garde of the early UK punk rock movement. He began his musical career as a member of The Flowers of Romance along with Keith Levine and Jah Wobble, who later went on to co-found John Lydon's post-Pistols project Public Image Limited. Shortly afterwards he was recruited to Siouxsie and the Banshees, playing drums at their notorious first gig at the 100 Club Punk Festival in London's Oxford Street.

Described as being "the ultimate Sex Pistols fan", Vicious joined the group after the departure of bass player Glen Matlock in February 1977. Legend has it that manager Malcolm McLaren wanted Vicious in the band because of his looks and punk attitude, it was said "If Rotten is the voice of punk, then Vicious is the look." This "punk persona" counted far more than any actual playing ability. In fact Vicious was notoriously inept musically, and according to Jon Savage's biography of the Sex Pistols, England's Dreaming, most of the bass parts on the band's later recordings were actually played by guitarist Steve Jones, and at live performances his amplifier was often switched off. Reportedly, Sid asked Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead to teach him to play bass. He said "I can't play bass" and Lemmy's reply was "I know". According to Lemmy, Sid Vicious was a hopeless student.

Although "deep down, a shy person", according to the band's photographer Dennis Morris, Vicious was renowned for his violent streak. At the aforementioned 100 Club punk festival, a glass was thrown which shattered against a pillar, causing a young girl to lose her sight in one eye. Vicious is widely believed to have been responsible, but this was never proven. At the same event he also assaulted NME journalist Nick Kent with a bicycle chain and on another occasion threatened BBC DJ and Old Grey Whistle Test presenter Bob Harris at a London nightclub.

In November 1977 Vicious met and soon after began a relationship with American Nancy Laura Spungen, who, legend has it, had come to London "to sleep with a Sex Pistol". Spungen was a heroin addict, and inevitably Vicious, who was already believing in his own "live fast, die young" mythology, came to share this dependence. Although deeply in love with each other, their often violent relationship had a disastrous effect on the Sex Pistols, with both the group and Vicious visibly deteriorating throughout the course of their 1978 American tour. Things finally came to a head at their concert at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco on January 14, when Johnny Rotten walked out of the band. Vicious also left shortly afterwards, and with Spungen acting as his 'manager', embarked upon a short and ignoble "solo career".

By this time Vicious and Spungen had become locked in their own world of drug addiction and self-destruction. Contemporary interview footage shows the couple attempting to answer questions from their bed: Spungen is barely coherent whilst Vicious lapses in and out of consciousness. Vicious also came very close to death following a heroin overdose, and was, for a while, hospitalised.

On the morning of 12th October 1978 Vicious awoke from a drug-induced stupour to find Spungen dead in their apartment at the Hotel Chelsea, Room 100 in New York. She had been killed by a single stab wound to her abdomen. Vicious was arrested and charged with her murder, although he claimed to have no memory at all of the previous night's incidents. Bail of $50,000 was put up by Virgin Records at the request of Malcolm McLaren, and in February 1979, a party was held at the home of his new girlfriend Michelle Robinson to celebrate his release. During his time at Rikers Island prison, Vicious had undergone drug rehabilitation therapy, and was supposedly "clean". However, at the party, he was able to obtain some heroin (supplied by his mother, Ann Beverley, herself an ex-addict), and was discovered dead the following morning, having taken a large overdose. Speculation has persisted that Vicious, unable to live without his beloved Nancy, took his own life. He wrote the following poem about her:

You were my little baby girl,

I knew all your fears.

Such joy to hold you in my arms

and kiss away your tears.

But now your gone, theres only pain

and nothing I can do.

And I don't want to live this life,

If I can't live for you.

After his death, his mother phoned Nancy's mother to request that Sid be buried next to Nancy, and she declined. So late at night, Sid's mother jumped the graveyard fence where Nancy was buried and scatered his ashes over his beloved for them to be together for all time.

Sid Sings, a solo album, was released posthumously by Virgin records. This was largely a collection of poorly recorded cover versions of rock-'n'-roll numbers such as "C'Mon Everybody" and "Something Else" by Eddie Cochran, and material by Iggy Pop and Johnny Thunders, as well as a rendition of the Paul Anka / Frank Sinatra standard "My Way". Striking footage of Vicious' performance of this song provides the closing sequence of Julien Temple's film The Great Rock and Roll Swindle.

A fictionalised film account of the relationship between Vicious and Spungen, Sid and Nancy, was made by director Alex Cox in 1986.

Joey Ramone

Jeffrey Hyman (May 19, 1951–April 15, 2001), better known as Joey Ramone, was the vocalist for the legendary punk rock group The Ramones.

Joey grew up in Forest Hills, Queens. His mother, Charlotte, encouraged both him and his brother's interest in music. Joey was a fan of The Who, among other bands. He took up drums in his early teen years and was originally the drummer for the Ramones. Upon realization that some particular parts of the band didn't work, he became the vocalist. Both Joey and future bandmates attended Forest Hills High School.

After the skyrocketing success of the Ramones in the early seventies and throughout the 80's and 90's, their eventual end led to Joey's brief solo career, which included his album, Don't Worry About Me.

Joey died of lymphoma on April 15th, 2001.

On November 30th, 2003, Joey Ramone Place was officially named a new street in New York City. It is located alongside the block where The Ramones got their start at CBGB. His birthday is annually celebrated by many.

Joe Strummer

John Graham Mellor (August 21, 1952 - December 22, 2002), better known as Joe Strummer, was the co-founder and lead singer of punk rock band The Clash, and later The Mescaleros.

Before forming the Clash, he played in the Vultures and The 101ers. The Clash were the most musically diverse and overtly political of the original English punk bands. Strummer was involved with controversial Anti-Nazi League and Rock Against Racism campaigns. He later also gave his support to the Rock Against the Rich series of concerts organised by anarchist organisation Class War. The Clash's London Calling album was voted best album of the 1980s by Rolling Stone magazine.

After the disbanding of the Clash, he acted in a few movies, recorded movie soundtracks (notably "Love Kills" for the film Sid and Nancy) and experimented with different backing bands with limited success. Finally, in the mid- to late-1990s, Strummer gathered top-flight musicians into a backing band he called The Mescaleros. Strummer signed with the Californian punk label Hellcat Records, and issued a stunning album co-written with Anthony Genn, called Rock Art and the X-Ray Style. A tour of England and North America soon followed; sets included several Clash-fan favourites.

Following the release of Global A Go-Go, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros mounted a 21-date tour of North America, Britain, and Ireland. Once again, these concerts featured Clash material ("London Calling", "Rudie Can't Fail"), as well as classic covers of reggae hits ("The Harder They Come", "A Message To You, Rudie") and regularly closed the show with a nod to the late Joey Ramone by playing The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop".

They also toured Australia in 2000 with the Big Day Out concert series, to a very warm reception.

Shortly before his death Joe Strummer and Bono of U2 co-wrote a song, "46664", for Nelson Mandela as part of a campaign against AIDS in Africa. Strummer had been scheduled to play at Mandela's SOS fundraising concert in February 2003 on Robben Island.

Strummer died on December 22, 2002 in his home at Broomfield in Somerset, England, the victim of a heart attack. His untimely death at age 50 shocked and saddened a generation of fans to whom he had been an inspirational figure.

He had especially been a massive influence on all of the members of Manic Street Preachers as listening to The Clash had inspired them to form a band.

At the time of his death Strummer was working on another album, which was released posthumously in October 2003 under the title Streetcore.

At the Grammy Awards in February 2003, London Calling was performed by Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Steven van Zandt, Dave Grohl, Pete Thomas and Tony Kanal in tribute to Strummer.

In March 2003, The Clash were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In addition to his music, Strummer was instrumental in setting up Future Forests, an organisation dedicated to planting trees in various parts of the world in order to combat global warming. Strummer was the first artist to make the recording, pressing and distribution of his records carbon neutral through the planting of trees. Many other artists such as Foo Fighters, Coldplay and Pink Floyd have followed suit and fans can visit the Future Forests website to buy trees to be planted in their favourite artists' forest.

His 1975 marriage to Pamela Moolman ended in divorce. He married Lucinda Tait in 1995. He had no children with either wife, but had two daughters by Gaby Parker.

Strummer also dabbled in acting, and had some major roles in some minor films.

Darby Crash

Darby Crash was born Jan Paul Beahm in December 1959. He had a very rough childhood, with his biological father leaving him, his mother being a devotee of Scientology and his older brother dying of a heroin overdose. In 1972 he set out to find his true father, tragically to find he was also dead. In 1976 he met Pat Smear and thusly formed Sophistifuck and the Revlon Spam Queens. They then changed it to The Germs. The Germs became a huge Los Angeles punk band, known for their chaotic live shows. Crash broke up the Germs (who once included future Go-Go Belinda Carlisle) only to die of a heroin overdose in 1980 on the same day that John Lennon was killed.. His legacy has carried on past the release of The Germs (MIA): The Complete Anthology, in 1993.

Dee Dee Ramone

Dee Dee Ramone, born Douglas Colvin (September 18, 1952 - June 5, 2002) was a founding member of The Ramones, a heavily influential punk band. He was the bass player with the band until his departure in 1989 (though he did continue to write songs for the band).

In 1987 Dee Dee started a brief career as rapper Dee Dee King, and then formed The Chinese Dragons as well as several other bands. He reunited with The Ramones one last time in 1996.

Dee Dee was found dead in June 2002, by his wife. A heroin overdose was the official cause of death. He is interred in the Hollywood Forever Memorial Park Cemetery in Hollywood, California.

Ian Curtis

Ian Kevin Curtis (July 15, 1956 - May 18, 1980) was an English singer and songwriter, born in Stretford, England. Curtis lived most of his life in Macclesfield, England.

Ian Curtis is notable as the singer and lyricist with the band Joy Division, which he helped form in 1977 in Manchester, England.

Curtis developed a unique dancing style, which mirrored the epileptic fits he experienced late in life--so much so that at times audience members were unsure whether he was dancing or having a seizure. He also possessed an eerie baritone voice, which he used to great effect in the songs Joy Division created. As well as suffering from epilepsy, his life was plagued by depression. He committed suicide by hanging in his kitchen the night before Joy Division was to embark on its first American tour. Curtis' death led to the creation of New Order by Joy Division's remaining members.

Curtis was cremated and buried in Macclesfield, with the inscription on his memorial stone reading, "Love Will Tear Us Apart." The epitaph, chosen by his widow Deborah Curtis, is a reference to Joy Division's best-known song.

In the mid-1990s, Curtis' widow Deborah Curtis wrote Touching from a Distance, a biographical account of their marriage, in part detailing his infidelity

Text Courtesy Of Wikipedia

To Experience A Blood Rush Is To Experience Being Human

Today is indeed a day that's fitting for celebrations. I know that it has been quite a while since I've posted since I have a ton of work to do and that I also don't have access to the net on weekends, but nevertheless I'm back here spilling my guts to all of you whom I practically continue to bug with my rantings and loathings in life. As for celebrations.

My father's celebrated his birthday just yesterday and as of 2:oo AM of June 20 Pinay Blood Rush's gears have come into full swing as with the publishing of its posts here at blogspot.

I tried to look at the dictionary meaning for the term 'blood rush' to my surprise there isn't one none that I know of anyway. But instead the dictionary querry came up with the definitions of the two words namely: Blood & Rush

Blood taken in the abovegiven context basically translates to this: temperament or disposition.

While Rush given in light of what is written above could be defined as the swift release of a store of affective force.

And what does this mean basically since this is a blog this translate to the personal extasy that one experiences at certain points in their lives, and as some would say they are very few.

But I would beg to differ, perspectives may vary when one's life basically goes through the motions of routine and adheramce to the consistent patronizing of linearity, but one must come to grasp the idea that everyday is not as relative to the day before as it would be to the day after.

It makes your head itch doesn't it?

Well it should I meant it that way so that we won't just go with the motions, though I know a lot of you who are reading this as of the moment are irritated with the notion that I am manipulating you to change your viewpoint of the world to one that is akin to mine. I apologize for that, but I guess the real reason behind all this is that I just want to remind all of you that each day is unique in itself and that we need to look at things in light of counting our blessings, and looking past the notions that contemporary society and the norm has set up for us, because we often busy ourselves with merely goingh through the flow of living our lives one day at a time, aimlessly drifting to the tide of fads, and routine we might as well secede from our humanity and forfit our free will for we are no better that robots. Now what does this have to do with 'blood rush'?

Think about what you're feeling right now?

Didn't I mention earlier that this is supposed to make your head itch?

Well don't you get it?

The itching of your head is basically the sensation of blood flowing to the cervixes and nerve impluses of your brain, due to a sudden rush of information.

Thus the itch is the immediate result of a rush of blood stimulated by the stuff that you're reading here and I say that to feel that itch is good because it reminds me of being human and that's exactly how I feel when I glanced at Pinay Blood Rush which is authored by my beloved Jeanie who for obvious reasons is way better than I am at translating her thoughts into words so if you have the time please do visit her blog by clicking here----->(Blog) and try to ponder the thoughts written there in light of what I've written here.

Today is 12 noon here at the office and another 12 hours from now would be the dawn of another now think about this would you view tomorrow as another day to go through the sequence of going through the husstles and busstles of everyday living or would you welcome it as the beginning of the rest of your life?

On The Jologs Phenomenon

I once encountered a discussion of sorts as to how the people in that forum are disgusted by the 'jologs paradigm' and as the discussion took its I course I was also asked to give my take on it and this is what I came up with...

The idea of jologs doesn't disturb me much but it does alarm me. Since the safest deffinition of what jologs is what is prevalent in the twentysomething crowd. What alarms me is the fact most of the people who fall under the jologs crowd are so pretentious in the sense that they always try so hard to dress like, act or be like those people whom they emulate.

It sickens me everytime I see kids who try to rap like Salbakuta without taking seriously the sexual undertones of the lyrics. Or how kids try to dress up in like Ghetto kids, but the fact is that they're not African-Americans and they don't live in ghettos. Do you get where I'm getting at here?

We could also site poser-skaters as jologs in the sense that they copy the get-up of Pro-Skateboarders. They call themselves 'Thrashers' well in fact it is actually a title of a magazine. They wear skateshoes because Fred Durst wears them, not because skate-shoes have a good grip on the grip-tape of skateboards while those non-skateboarder kids who wear skateshoes don't even know what a griptape is. Another thing is that they make Steve Caballero, Chad Muska, Willy Santos and Tony Hawk look like they learned skateboarding in a day by wearing their shoes to look cool. Another thing that I can't get with those people is that they always try to wear skate-shirts what with the skate-shirts anyway? Non-sponsored skateboarders don't wear them so why should non-skateboarders wear them?

Another good example are the so-called 'rockers' I mean if they're really into rock music they should see it as a form of rebellion to what is accepted by the affluent society. So why is it all of a sudden turned into some exclusive cult of sorts. I mean you can't be called a rocker unless you listen to NU107, or read PULP, or put laminated pictures of your favorite band (preferably Slipknot) in your JANSPORT backpack, or wear TOP-40 t-shirts that has a picture of CHE GUEVARRA, or is it mandatory for rockers to regard METALLICA as the best band in the world, Or to form bands that fall under the ALTERNATIVE POP ROCK genre, or is it very cool if your band practices at ALBERTO's, or your band buys your tabs at BENJIE'S or at FADE TO BLACK. I mean rock and roll is supposed to be absolute disregard to what normal people call cliche. So why are you people making your own rules anyway.


I know the reasoning I that prevailed in what I've written above is somewhat shallow, but the thing is that however much I try to remove angst in my arsenal of emotions towards such people I still can't help but ask myself 'why are they so concerned with how people would look at them as if they're begging for compliments and praises for their purchased poser-rebellion?' I mean if they're really so into the counter-cultural niche that they claim to be part of they ought to start reconsidering their motives for projecting their rebellion as something that is cool. I cannot be fooled by such I grew up with kids whom I remember to once slam-dance to Nirvana's Smell's Like Teen Spirit, but as to my surprise they're also now part of the crowd who are now waving their sissy glow sticks to the deafening backbeats of techno in those sweaty meat-truck smelling places they call discos, I know better when it comes to posers and I am sickened by the fact that they're in abundance nowadays.

Sound Trips In Headwires

These here are just a few songs that I enjoy listening to at the moment I hope this adds up to something of value to you people. Thanks.

10 Foot Pole - Armchair Quarterback

Boxer - Blame it on the Weather

Shonen Knife - Top of the WOrld

Pennywise - Same Old Story

The Offspring- Jennifer Lost The War

BEastie Boys - Mullet Head

MxPx - Today is in My Way

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

Millencolin - No Cigar

Dashboard Confessional - Again I Go Unoticed

Alkaline Trio - Armageddon

At the Drive In - Invalid Litter Department

Goo Goo Dolls - Ain't That Unusual

The Get Up Kids - Ten Minutes

Blink 182 - Lemmings

Box Car Racer - I Feel So...

Saves The DAy - At Your Funeral

60 ft. Dolls - Hair

Ruth Ruth - Don't Shut Me Out

The Ataris - My Hotel Year

Lagwagon- Making Friends

Batman Protocols

Funny... I got this from Fanzig

Batman Protocols

by Adrian Tullberg



ALFRED - If a bald man in a wheelchair asks about these documents, think happy thoughts and deny everything.

These sanctions are only to be used when other methods of persuading, or actively subduing a hero that has gone 'rogue' (mind controlled, brainwashed, starting to resemble characters in Marvel or Image) have failed. Or they fail to comprehend that I, Batman, am the baddest of the bad. Grrrrrrr.


Subject: Aquaman

Sanction: Plant rumor that coastal 'Seaworld' has been altering hormone levels of dolphins and larger marine life to improve birth-in-captivity rates, to the effect that all females are constantly 'on heat'.

Tip off police.

Cost of lawyer and posting bail for gross deviancy charges: $10,000 minimum.

Knowing that fishboy will be eternally grateful for getting him out of jail while never knowing I sent him up the river: Priceless.


Subject: Blue Beetle

Sanction: State inverse ratio between time spent building/repairing gadgets and social life.

Time before subject descends into alcoholic binge: Two minutes.


Subject: Booster Gold

Sanction: Drop money clip in front of him.

Wait until he bends down to retrieve.

Hit subject repeatedly with crowbar.

In case of unlikely event that somebody presses charges, or remotely cares, put Johnny Cochrane on retainer.


Subject: Captain Marvel

Sanction: Give subject latest set of Pokemons.

Wait two hours before he realizes how pathetic a grown man looks playing Pokemon and changes into kid.

Run up and beat the snot out of the little brat before he can say his magic word.

Retrieve Pokemons. (Hey, those things cost money!)


Subject: Flash

Sanction: Spread rumor that 'Fastest Man Alive' title does not infer to his running speed, in conjunction with the amount of time his wife spends in women-only gym.

Time spent running around trying desperately to disprove rumors: Week and a half.


Subject: Green Lantern

Sanction: Anonymously mail 'Best of Jenna Jameson' collection.

Duration of Effectiveness: Two weeks.


Subject: Impulse

Sanction: Lure Subject to round room

Tell him to stand in the corner.

Time before Subject's head explodes: 000.17 seconds.


Subject: Orion

Sanction: State that a real warrior would try to hold his breath as long as possible in vacuum.

When Subject exits airlock, don't let him in again.


Subject: Plastic Man

Sanction: Retrieve contact details of the following -

-Big Barda




-Black Canary

Inform that subject has been impersonating select items of their swimwear collection

Sell tickets, buy popcorn.


Subject: Steel

Sanction: State to his face that the popular rumor about black men is a total lie.

Subject, thus angered, will remove pants for comparison.

When exposed, kick subject in the groin.


Subject: Superman

Sanction: Plant doctored article of high rates of infidelity by married professional men, with emphasis on those who travel near-constantly, on desk of one Lois Lane.

Length of time subject will be virtually confined in apartment: Two weeks.


Subject: Wonder Woman

Sanction: See 'Green Lantern'. Also add 'Where the Boy's Aren't' and 'Ginger Lynn'.

Duration of Effectiveness: Three and a half weeks.


Addendum by Alfred Pennyworth

I feel it only fair to add this section to the documents … as well as the fact that Master Bruce hasn't given me a raise since 1991.

Subject: Batman

Sanction: State that even though subject is reasonably good-looking, and has a personal fortune that would make Andrew Llyold Webber attractive, it's rather odd that he's still a virgin at 37.

Time before subject runs away blubbering: 2.5 seconds.

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Change Is Good...

Yesterday I got the chance to watch the Hey...Arnold! Movie with my nephew Arno on HBO its basically about Anold from the Nicktoon Hey Arnold! A fourth grader and his best friend Gerald as they set out to stop an industrialist from bulldozing their town. The movie is sort of interesting by the way but what really got stuck in my mind was this eerie post-apocaliptic scene there where Mr. Scheck's (the industrialist who's intent was to bulldoze Arnonld town) face is projected on huge viewscreen strategically place atop an old apartment bulding monotonously saying "change is good." ala-Big Brother from Geroge Orwell's 1984. Too bad I can't find an image of that scene on the net, anyways the question is what does that have to do with my blog?

The answer I guess is that over the course of last Friday and earlier this day lots of changes have been put up on my blog, for starters I've finally got my links portion posted and just this morning I've already finished posting and organizing all the links I've had in hand. Another is that earlier this day I've also finished activating my bravenet account so that I could generate this blog a free guestbook and hit-counter and I've already finished annoying everyone I know who's got an e-mail regarding the changes set on this site. And now I ask all of you who are reading this would you agree with Mr. Scheck's assertion that 'change is good'? If you ask me honestly I don't know, but if it would mean that the change is for the better I guess only time could tell if 'change is good'. By the way please do feel free to visit the links below as well as take the time to sign my guestbook. Thanks. God bless you all.

About The Links

I must confess I am currently losing a battle with the sleepy sensation that I am feeling right now and the coffee I am drinking isn't helping. Good thing though I have finally set up the links section of my blog though its not quite finished yet since I still have a truckload of links that I have yet to post but I hope that it'll be of good use to anyone who's interested with the stuff I've put up there. And by the way I must say that majority of the links there are Filipino stuff since I have yet to see such a comprehensive Filipino sight with an abundant source of information regarding the Philippine Underground scene and I hope that this site would be a good contribution. By the way if there's anyone of you who would like to have your site, blog, collective, org, church, band and the like please do keep in touch with me you could e-mail me the hyperlink plus a brief description of your site at Thanks.

Pesky Mouse, Keyboard Shortcuts

Rarely would I post stuff here that I didn't write myself but I suppose this one is an exception since this has made a lot of difference in my blogging especially here in the office since I am constantly palgued with the probability that I might get caught by my supperiors, so I hope this would be of worth to those who are forced to keep their blogging activities a secret. I found this from written by Pio Verzola Jr.

You could say I’m a mouse hater and a keyboard addict.


Northern Dispatch

Posted by

The mouse as a pointing tool may have solved the problem of how to move the cursor or select objects more precisely on the screen – tasks that can be done with the keyboard, but often too laborious to be practical.

However, the mouse is somewhat difficult getting used to, especially for older people whose motor skills are no longer as pliable as those of children. Left-handed people also find it hard to use the mouse at first, unless they are lucky to get left-handed mice. (Actually, the mouse settings can be reconfigured to reverse the left and right-button functions. But how many of us know how to do this?)

There are other problems.

First, mice are terribly good at picking up dust. (All electrical devices build up static electricity, and so attract dust, lint and other small particles.) The dust builds up into crust-like layers on the mouse rollers. After a while, you may notice that your mouse moves are jerky and sticky, and the cursor hard to position on the screen.

If so, don’t easily rush to the computer shop to buy a replacement. It won’t take you 15 minutes to remove the small manhole-like cover on the mouse underside, take out the ball (don’t lose it!), and use a cutter blade to carefully scrape off and blow out all the crusty particles inside.

Second, a mousepad takes up additional desk space. Not a big problem, really, but if you have a small desk like mine, with stacks of papers and books competing with my coffee mug for extra space, the mouse can only maneuver in cramped surroundings.

If there was another, more intuitive and more ergonomic pointing tool – that is as cheap as the mouse, of course – we should go for it. Some people seem to find the touchpad (that 2” x 3” rectangular surface found in laptop keyboards) easier to use. Others use an optical mouse, which solves problems #1 and #2, but the device is more expensive. I remember having the privilege of using a touchscreen back in ‘96-97, but that’s even a hundred times more expensive. I suspect a much cheaper, more portable (maybe even wearable) version of the touchpad or touchscreen will reach the markets – in five years’ time maybe.

So, in the meantime, while we are stuck with the combination of keyboard and mouse, might as well learn some tricks about still being able to use the computer when the mouse refuses to cooperate. The idea is to use the keyboard shortcut equivalents. Actually, in my case, I tend to use these keyboard shortcuts more than their mouse point-and-click counterparts.

Just a sample listing, for us to see the utmost usefulness of keyboard shortcuts:

1. You boot up the computer, and then realize that the mouse is not working. So that you can change the mouse, you need to first shut down properly. But you can’t use the mouse to do it. The keyboard solution: Press ctrl-esc to activate the Start menu. Press U to select the Shutdown menu. Select the shutdown option, then press Enter. In the more recent generations of keyboards, there is also a Start key (the key with the Windows logo between the Ctrl and Alt keys).

2. In the same manner, you can also use the same quick Ctrl-Esc + P (or Start + P) key shortcut to display the Start > Programs menu, then use the Up or Down Arrow keys to select the program you want to run, then press Enter to run.

3. Want to close some windows quickly? Just press Alt-F4 once per window you want to close.

4. Want to minimize all open windows, so that you can display the whole desktop? Press Start-M.

5. Want to quickly shift from one window (one running program) to another? Press down Alt, then press the Tab key as often as necessary to select the icon of the program you want to restore or maximize.

6. In almost every Windows-based program, if you press the Alt key, focus goes to the program menu (typically at the top row of the screen), and thus you are able to select among the various menu items by just using the Up, Down, Left and Right Arrow keys. To focus back on the program’s work area, just press Esc.

7. In almost every Windows-based dialogue box, you can move the highlight cursor from one item to another by pressing the Tab key as often as necessary. When the highlight cursor is on the item you want, just press Enter to activate.

8. Most if not all programs that rely on mouse point-and-click operations are also thoughtful enough to provide the equivalent keyboard shortcuts. If working with your program requires you to type a lot of words and numbers on the keyboard, you will soon find out that some commands are easier to invoke via keyboard shortcuts rather than their point-and-click mouse counterparts. For example, to save your document in Word, you will use a mouse to point at the File menu, select the Save command, and click. The keyboard shortcut is much quicker: Ctrl-S.

9. In Word, you can print a list of the most useful shortcut keys. Press F1 (by the way, pressing F1 in a Windows-based program will display the Help file of that program). On the “Type keywords” input box, type the words “print shortcut keys.” Just follow the dialogue box until you have the printed list. You can also do this with the other programs you often use.

10. Okay now, for a little exercise. Run your Photoshop, or Photopaint, or whichever you use as your image-processing software. Then find that key labelled PrtScr or PrtSc on the upper right corner of your keyboard. Press it. Then, select File > New on your image program. When the new blank image file is displayed, press Ctrl-V and see what happens. There are just some things you can do with a keyboard that you can’t do with a mouse.

Happy keying!

Packaged Rebellion Anyone?

I don't know if you people have noticed but I think there is a bit of parallelism betwine Avril and The Sex Pistols mainly for the reason that they serve as fashion models for some studpid fashion fad that corporate know-it-alls conceptualize to be cool so that they could earn more money from the allowances that the parents of fashion kids give to theit children.

From the very start the Sex Pistols were a joke in the punk movement, mainly because they were created by Malcolm McLaren to model his line of fetish clothing which he sells in his fashion botique called 'Sex' the same shop where the band was named after. Their stab at dissing the Queen and their use of anarchism was just a scam to stir controversy and to promote the band. So many lives were ruined by The Sex Pistols namely: Sid Vicous who serves as a poster boy for anti-social nihilism that one would associate with jaded messed up youth culture. Another one was that of television host Bill Grundy, who the same person who gave the BEatles their first break on national television, was the same person who was ruined by Steve Jones' uttering of the word 'Motherfucker'.

Unlike the CLash whom I respect more, they recently lost Joe Strummer by the way if ever you're intrested.

But sad to say what sucks more are still the kupaw bands that dress up like skateboarders who model over-priced skate shoes, lousy purchased rebellion T-shirts and give Che Guevarra and Bob Marley a bad name. Plus the utter stupidity of wearing a Guerilla Wear T-shirt that says guerilla, but has the picture of a tank, which has nothing to do with guerilla warfare by the way because tanks are used in this military tactic that the Nazis used in World War 2, which is better known as Blitzkreig.

But who am I to correct them? So all I can say is that kupaw bands suck mainly for the reason that they manufacture their anger out of petty things and that they exploit social issues to make money out of youth rebellion.

I mean what's so rebellious about singing against the corporate system and how it abuses you, and still model addidas shoes (Fred Durst I'm looking at your direction) or how rebellious is the wearing of 2000 peso plus shoes, 300 to 400 pesos worth of T-Shirts, Rasta hats and Studed bracelets?

I know a lot of people out there might get offended but if would really take the time to think of it what's wrong with that it might seem that there really is something downrightly wrong about the rebellion the're preaching.

So if you're one of those new school punk rawk kids out there I suggest you check out this lyrics from No Use For A Name...

..."Sitting Duck"

I read the morning paper, someone had just died

In big bold letters so it comes as no surprise

Im looking at a story 'bout violence,

a word from a lawyer in his defense

this time we got the jury by the throat

I turn the television on to get away

a quick reminder that we have to

swallow every word they say

learned another lesson in history,

written like a murder and mystery

to me it's just another way

of disguising the past

Fear is not the way to make it work and be as one

it's too late the damage has been done

so fly your flag and make your statments,

hold on to your pride

and live your life for others that have died

This is the end of what we know,

Where do we go?

don't look for solace in some shallow

ignorant late night talk show

think about your problems every now and then

discover that we're limited in the end

sometimes you've got to close your eyes

start thinking for yourself

In Praise of Emo Game

emo game rules!!!

It serves as an existential retribution for people who have been so bored or otherwise been disenfranchised with all forms of consumer based nonesense and whatnots of the present MTV generation. Where else could you play a game where you could get nasty with Mandy Moore or get the chance to kill Kelly Osbourne, Creed, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, The Used, Fred Durst, Skelletor, Courtney Love etc, or get the chance to kick facists like Hitler, Saddam, and the most definitely evil and war mongering G.W. Bush, or get the chance to team up with you childhood heroes like Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, The GI Joe and not to mention Bob Saget.

Moreover there are at least four games available on the site and they are as follows:

Emo Game 1 where The Getup Kids get kidnapped by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and its up to Cedric Bixler of At The Drive In and the gang to save them.

Alkaline Trio Vs. Hell The band dies and goes to hell right after meeting Rose McGowan, God gives them a second chance at life provided that they kill He-Man's nemesis Skelletor.

Emo Game 2 Continuing the saga of emogame one features our heroes battling Enrique Iglesias & the cast of Friends.

The Anti-Bush Game The title says it all I guess, plus as a bonus this game can also be downloaded and played offline provided that your PC has a Macromedia Flash 5 installed in it.

All in all the game site never fails to give a sense of power to its players especially if you've experienced being called a geek, square, nerd, queer etc, this serves vengeance for those who've deprived you of justice.

Plus there is also this cool name that emo song portion on the Get Up Kids game where the show is hosted by Cobra Comander of GI Joe. It also has this cool soundtrack from Alkaline Trio, The Anniversary, Hot Water Music, Reggie & The Full Effect Among others. Another thing about this game is that it makes you stand out from the Ragnarok rippoff victims when you play it at Internet cafes.

Punk Rock Cover Songs

Nowadays its no longer that special to hear a punk band playing covers of old pop music, New Wave and folk but and come to think of it, way back when I was still in college it is a very rare phenomenon and that even playing punk rock doesn't merit at that time since almost everyone I know that listens to rock music would easily dismiss punk as some sloppy musical genre that desrves to be shelved in the history books, they'd rather listen to Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slapshock, Cheese and all those other growling moronic jocks at that time than listen to simplistic punks who could get by with three chords and a hook.

Going to cover songs I remember it a couple of years ago I got into a forum in indiefilipino discussion concerning cover songs that was then when I realized that a lot of the music that I love are mostly cover songs, and anyways here's what I posted there:

I love seeing and hearing you punk bands playing classic punk anthems.

For example

Blink 182 played GenerationX's "Dancing With Myself" in the Five Years on the Streets sampler of Vagrant Records Face to Face played lots of classic punk covers from the Ramones, Fugazi, The Pougues among others in their Standards and Practices album, but I really loved their take on the Descendents' "Bikeage" on their Big Choice album . Same goes with MxPx's cover of the Ramones' "The KKK Took My Baby Away." on their At the Show live record. Or Greenday's cover of the Who's "My Generation" from their Kerplunk album or The Offspring's cover of "I Wanna Be Sedated" again from the Ramones. As well as that NoFX and Rancid split CD where they covered each others song I really find that stuff cool.

As well as those cover songs done by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Bodyjar's take on SImon & Garfunkel's "Hazy Shades of Winter" could be noted as a good cover of a classic song.

Same goes also for the following covers of these artists:

Pennywise (Surfin USA, The Beachboys) from the Music For Mother Ocean Compilation vol.2

Mr. T Experience (Is There Something I Should Know?, Duran Duran) from The Duran Duran Tribute Album

Riverfenix (Ordinary World, Duran Duran) from The Duran Duran Tribute Album

7 Seconds (99 Red Balloons, Nena) I forgot the title of this album...

The Lemonheads (Mrs. Robinson, Simon & Garfunkel) from their Its a Shame About Ray album

Reel Big Fish (Take on Me, A-Ha) from the OST of Baseketball

Save Ferris (Come On Eileen, Dexy's Midnight Runner) from

The Sex Pistols (My Way, Frank Sinatra) from the OST of The Great Rock n Roll Swindle

Mest (I Melt With You, Modern English) from the OST of Not Another Teen Movie

A New Found Glory (The Glory of Love, Peter Cetera) on their From Their to Your Stereos

Goldfinger (I Love You More Today Than Yesterday, Spiral Staircase) from the OST of The Waterboy

Smashmouth (Why Can't We Be Friends?) from the OST of Baseketball

Buck-O-Nine (Pass the Dutchie, Musical Youth) on the Barfly EP

Down by Law (500 Miles, The Proclaimers) from their punkrockacademyfightsongs album

The Hippos (Always SOmething There to Remind Me, Naked Eyes) again I forgot the title of the record

The Muffs (Kids In America,) from the OST of Clueless

Ghotti Hook (Walking on Sunshine, Katrina & The Waves) from a mixtape that I got from my friend

NoFX (Vincent, Don McLean) on the Survival of the Fatest compilation of FatWreck Chords

Hi-Standard (Kid's Are ALright, The Who) which I downloaded from the Internet

Counting Crows (The Ghost in You, Psychedelic Furs) from the OST of Clueless

What I don't like is when metalheads (i.e. Metallica,Megadeth,Biohazard, Slayer) cover Ramones, Sex Pistols, Stooges, DRI and Misfits songs and then they putt some complex guitar riffs on them thus destroying the classic back to basics element of the original song.

Pictures Hooray

Here's some pictures of me courtesy of Jeanie Derillo, Mark De Guzman, Laixander Naguit, Cedric Buenviaje, Reginald Unigo and Gato Borrero...

up on the roof with the whole word at our feet is this everything you thought it'd be you waited for religiously just know I wouldn't hate you if you try, you might, decide, to flight

try, you might, decide, its right

- Get Up Kids

On The Roof

Photo Taken By: Jeanie Derillo

This paint has been tasting of lead & their chips will fall as they may, but it's not just my finish that is peeling, & it is not alone fleeing these walls.

-Dashboard Confessional

Turpentine Chaser

Photo Taken By: Mark De Guzman& Laixander Naguit

all I have are the empty boxes to carry away your heart and I think that tonight I will sneak into your house and I'll sing songs and wake you up

-Saves The Day


Photo Taken By: Gato Borrero

Sitting straight, feeling faint. An exhausted smile screens my words, but I will hear them. Here's a phrase that we all know, but I can't make sense. I don't know words, but I will hear them. I still hear them.

-Alkaline Trio


Photo Taken By: Jeanie Derillo

looking back upon my life and the places that i've been pictures, faces, girls i've loved i try to remember when faded memories on the wall some names i have forgotten but each one is a memory i look back on so often


I Was There

Photo Taken By: Gato Borrero

There's a life ahead. Your time is coming. Don't let go tonight. I watched as you sat with a cigarette in your hand, holding a drink in the other, trying to drown all your pain... And I believe in you.-The Juliana Theory

Piano Song

Photo Teken By: Reginald Unigo

saw the stars fall from the sky And watched the tail lights fade away As the sun began to witness a new day.-The Ataris

My Hotel Year

Photo Taken By: Cedric Buenviaje

pregnant with the keys to your stick shift mood can't get yourself ignition can't get yourself ignition

-At The Drive-In

Skips On The Record

Photo Taken By: Gato Borrero

Photo Hosting Courtesy of Free Image Hosting



Finally...I can now be searched in the net through the help as well as in and

which very much made my day, since today is an as usual boring day at the office but nevertheless this breakthrough has made this lunch break worthwhile.


Freedom Is About Living Free

As I reflect on it extreme legalism is one of the most dangerous things that causes other Christians to become a stumbling block to their young fellow Christians so this is just a word of encouragement to those Christians who've been mistakenly branded as worldly by their fellow Christians.

How could you stay so stagnant

You said you’ve learned the truth

Yet you live your life in bondage

To utter fear and guilt

If the truth shall set us free

You said so yourself

Then why does you soul shiver

Like a death row convict?

Why won’t you look beyond this cheap trick

Of the legalistic scribes and pharisees

That still follow the Levitical creeds

We’re above the law because we’re under grace

Walk not in slavery step into the light

Its not the rituals and traditional cannons

That set you apart for life everlasting

Its the grace of God that makes us heirs to his kingdom

Why won’t you look beyond this cheap trick

Of the legalistic scribes and pharisees

That still follow the Levitical creeds

We’re above the law because we’re under grace

Its not a talk of religion or of denomination

Its not about Mary and the Pope who’s in Rome

Its not about being good or being sincere

Its not a point system and we could be sincerely wrong

Its all about having a relationship

With the Father in Heaven

By claiming the victory of His only Son

Who died for our sins and rose up on that great Sunday

Why won’t you look beyond this cheap trick

Of the legalistic scribes and pharisees

That still follow the Levitical creeds

We’re above the law because we’re under grace

A Childlike Response To The Nearness Of You

The origins of this Life Is Trying song came from my old-school Pentium 2 Dell PC at my old office, the melody eventually came out after I handed the lyrics to Cedric Buenviaje who composed the song's basic chord progression which was later on developed by Laixander Naguit and Mark De Guzman.

We stood face to face

But I can't see you

Look the same way

As you stared down

Awkward attraction

A case of infatuation

A melodramatic feeling

Of love and affection

I can't speak the words

That I long to say to you

My mind always splits in two

Everytime I look at you

Maybe this is love

Or am I just strung out

With a chlidlkie respones

To the nearness of you

You look so beautiful

And I look stupid

With my stupid hair

And my rundown clothes

Side-winded love songs

And basement poetry

Are all I can give

In thought and in theory

I can't speak the words

That I long to say to you

My mind always splits in two

Everytime I look at you

Maybe this is love

Or am I just strung out

With a chlidlkie respones

To the nearness of you