About The Links

I must confess I am currently losing a battle with the sleepy sensation that I am feeling right now and the coffee I am drinking isn't helping. Good thing though I have finally set up the links section of my blog though its not quite finished yet since I still have a truckload of links that I have yet to post but I hope that it'll be of good use to anyone who's interested with the stuff I've put up there. And by the way I must say that majority of the links there are Filipino stuff since I have yet to see such a comprehensive Filipino sight with an abundant source of information regarding the Philippine Underground scene and I hope that this site would be a good contribution. By the way if there's anyone of you who would like to have your site, blog, collective, org, church, band and the like please do keep in touch with me you could e-mail me the hyperlink plus a brief description of your site at m_3_5_b@yahoo.com Thanks.

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