Packaged Rebellion Anyone?

I don't know if you people have noticed but I think there is a bit of parallelism betwine Avril and The Sex Pistols mainly for the reason that they serve as fashion models for some studpid fashion fad that corporate know-it-alls conceptualize to be cool so that they could earn more money from the allowances that the parents of fashion kids give to theit children.

From the very start the Sex Pistols were a joke in the punk movement, mainly because they were created by Malcolm McLaren to model his line of fetish clothing which he sells in his fashion botique called 'Sex' the same shop where the band was named after. Their stab at dissing the Queen and their use of anarchism was just a scam to stir controversy and to promote the band. So many lives were ruined by The Sex Pistols namely: Sid Vicous who serves as a poster boy for anti-social nihilism that one would associate with jaded messed up youth culture. Another one was that of television host Bill Grundy, who the same person who gave the BEatles their first break on national television, was the same person who was ruined by Steve Jones' uttering of the word 'Motherfucker'.

Unlike the CLash whom I respect more, they recently lost Joe Strummer by the way if ever you're intrested.

But sad to say what sucks more are still the kupaw bands that dress up like skateboarders who model over-priced skate shoes, lousy purchased rebellion T-shirts and give Che Guevarra and Bob Marley a bad name. Plus the utter stupidity of wearing a Guerilla Wear T-shirt that says guerilla, but has the picture of a tank, which has nothing to do with guerilla warfare by the way because tanks are used in this military tactic that the Nazis used in World War 2, which is better known as Blitzkreig.

But who am I to correct them? So all I can say is that kupaw bands suck mainly for the reason that they manufacture their anger out of petty things and that they exploit social issues to make money out of youth rebellion.

I mean what's so rebellious about singing against the corporate system and how it abuses you, and still model addidas shoes (Fred Durst I'm looking at your direction) or how rebellious is the wearing of 2000 peso plus shoes, 300 to 400 pesos worth of T-Shirts, Rasta hats and Studed bracelets?

I know a lot of people out there might get offended but if would really take the time to think of it what's wrong with that it might seem that there really is something downrightly wrong about the rebellion the're preaching.

So if you're one of those new school punk rawk kids out there I suggest you check out this lyrics from No Use For A Name...

..."Sitting Duck"

I read the morning paper, someone had just died

In big bold letters so it comes as no surprise

Im looking at a story 'bout violence,

a word from a lawyer in his defense

this time we got the jury by the throat

I turn the television on to get away

a quick reminder that we have to

swallow every word they say

learned another lesson in history,

written like a murder and mystery

to me it's just another way

of disguising the past

Fear is not the way to make it work and be as one

it's too late the damage has been done

so fly your flag and make your statments,

hold on to your pride

and live your life for others that have died

This is the end of what we know,

Where do we go?

don't look for solace in some shallow

ignorant late night talk show

think about your problems every now and then

discover that we're limited in the end

sometimes you've got to close your eyes

start thinking for yourself

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