Because I link doing it "my way"

People who've known me for years and people who've been familiar with my former band PayItForward often ask me why I bother to still play music as a solo act and why opted to do home recordings and tried experimenting with making electronica.

The simple answer to that is because I have never really shaken-off that adolescent drive to play in a band.

I've somehow gotten myself stuck in that stage and somehow that's the reason why I still do session work for other bands and every now and then perform live acoustic sets.

Depending heavily on a band setup can be both a blessing and a task as in all forms of human relationship it is quite complex in the sense that you have to concede to the fact that you are not in total control a lot of factors contribute to the sound that comes out of such collaborative efforts: on the one hand it can sound awesome because your hook somehow compliments your guitarist's riffs which are amplified with a drummers' chops; while on the other hand difference in styles, influences, moods, personalities and even priorities of band members greatly influence how a band would sound like and that could at times be very frustrating and not to mention the whole ordeal of trying to make schedules fit for rehearsals and gigs.

For me that's what lured me to what I am doing with my present projects. I simply just don't want to complicate things, because I link doing it my way...

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